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Why does this N64 paper Mario not work?

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Not the systems, pins were cleaned very well. I actually have had this broken cart for years now and just got into soldering boards and such and figured I might be able to fix. I see no bad connections.


Does anyone have a pin-out diagram of where continuity should be? How can I test stuff like resistors, caps, and chips. I know I could dump the roms and see what they look like. I might just try swapping roms onto a diff board.






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Found it. The bottom mask rom if looking from back side had a faulty contact under the pin on bottom left. It would be consider pin 28 if looking at rom normally.


The trace looked fine but it was split at hole around pins solder joint. Soon as I sucked solder out the entire ring came out w/it. I was like come on. I ran a new wire from pin to corresponding pin 28 of both roms and it works now.


I was getting faulty continuity readings as I pushed down on the contact essentially pushing the pad down to make contact again.

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