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IntyBASIC Programming Contest Rules

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Now it makes sense. Just wanted to understand. :)


And if it's Ok, the game I submit for the contest may be called something like "beta", "pilot" or "contest entry edition", or something like that. If there's a problem with putting this on the title screen, please let me know.


And the ROM I can post later, after updates, after the contest, can be what I, the author, calls an "official release".


Of course, this is all moot for the winner.


(This reminds of me of an example where a kid has performance versions from their youth "at the talent show" compared to when they're in prime time later.)

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I put "V0.04" at the bottom right of the title screen on my entry. It makes it immediately obvious which version the ROM file matches, and the fact it is far below V1 also that it should not be considered done. I didn't see anything in the rules that prevents the developer from putting version number there.

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Hi Carlsson.


Yes indeed. Did notice versions in your uploads. (Cute game by the way. :) )


And I too.


I already released a "0.0" version (pre-Alpha), and a "1.0" version (Alpha) to a few internals, nothing public.


Looking to release a "2.0" now in Beta - maybe this will be the one I release on my thread upcoming. (Still want to iron my clothes a bit before going public. :) )


The contest submition may be a "3.0" Beta in disguise, but may call it something more respectable, like "Pilot", or "IntyBASIC Programming Contest 2015 Edition". It will be a fully playable game, and it will be part of a prestigious group of participants, so it should have some honor in its name for this great contest. :)

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That's because my game is fast! :-D


Seriously, you have a point. Being from the A/V forums and the tools we use there, and especially with browsers, updates are a necessity, hence faster numbering.


But you made me think that “1.0” is appropriate for a game’s “final” or “official” version. Anything above that brings you to sequel, or variant, territory IMO.


I’ve decided to scale down my numbering to 0.00, 0.10, for the previous alphas, and 0.20 for the next version, instead. I hope you don’t mind. :)

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