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Lynx HSC 2015 Round 6 Super Skweek


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The Atari Lynx high score club round 6 of 8 game is Super Skweek

post-22103-0-81816500-1435785860_thumb.png post-22103-0-59048300-1435785872_thumb.png


Deadline to post scores is August 1st 12PM EST

Settings - Normal Game - start at Welcome Island Level 001 - no continues or password use

Lynx high score club record is

Peyo (1,785,080)
Bust it for 1 bonus point

Bonus challenge -

Play another Skweek game
One point per person

102,090 darthkur (Game Gear) +1 point
85,050 roadrunner (Game Gear) +1 point
45,310 StijnDW (Game Gear) +1 point

Final high scores -

372,900 StijnDW +11 points +3 points
154,000 darthkur +10 points
39,820 roadrunner +9 points
4,540 jblenkle +8 points

Current Season Point Standings -

darthkur 57 points
StijnDW 45 points
MrBland 33 points

jeremiahjt 25 points
jblenkle 24 points
doctorclu 16 points

roadrunner 43 points
AtarinDave 15 points
NIKON 12 points

S.BAZ 8 points

Link to manual -


Any corrections please post

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whenever I try to play this, all I can do is move the spaceship around.


I can zoom in closer, fly around the map but I can never find the level to actually play!


anyone got any advice?

Fly over a certain island and press the option 1 button

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