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Anyone interested in a Trademeet in August

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I cannot remember for sure the last time I met with retro gamers, but I would imagine it was sometime before 2010. Well, I think its high time something should be done about it. I propose to have a meetup at my house near the south shore of Massachusetts. Tradebait, video games, your alcohol of choice, bring them. Pizza can be ordered. The two weekends I have available are August 15-16 and August 22-23. What works for most people is what I will choose.


If anyone has suggestions regarding retro multiplayer games, be sure to offer them, especially four player games. For systems I can provide Atari 2600, NES, SNES & N64, Genesis & Playstation with modern multicarts for all but the last. It would be helpful for people to bring extra controllers.

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Anyone planning to attend the Retroworld expo in CT the first weekend of October? Could be a good opportunity to meet local gamers and work out some trades. http://retroworldexpo.com/

I was thinking of going. But at $25 a person, I'll pass.


I have a 5200 lot for sale/trade. Same thing with a boxed 32X lot.

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I went and had fun, didn't buy anything though. I did not perceive much of an Atari presence on the dealer's floor, but there was a 2600, Intellivision, Colecovision and a 5200 in the game room.


I was hoping to see some SNES and Genesis component cables from HD Retrovision. They had a monitors displayed showing the composite, S-Video and RGB signals from a SNES, but I did not see anything labeled as component.

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