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How many bits is the Philips CD-i?

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They couldn't stand a bit of competition from Nintendo after they cut off the planned SNES CD addon.

It was Nintendo who canceled the release of the cd add-on, after seeing that the mega-cd wasn't a big succes.

Still think that the cd-i player is a great piece of hardware. It wasn't designed for games, but after the sales department noticed that the cd-i was sold more and more to be used as a games machine, they started to focus more on the gaming side of the machine and thus releasing the cd-i 450 and 550 models.

They just shifted a bit to late to gaming. If they had focus more on it's gaming part and less on the multimedia part, i think they could have had more succes. When it was just on the market it was pretty powerfull, but by the time the focus was on gaming, the hardware was already a bit outdated.

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The lack of any gaming display capacity is also a weak point : no sprites, no tiles, thinking that allow for "traditional" games.

Plus, the complete nonsense of not including the "media" buttons on the various controllers.

Some games would have been so much easier to drive if the Play/pause, rewind, Fast forward buttosn were available as actions buttons.


Like the 3DO did (even if it was designed for game first and multimedia in second :


Even with two action buttons only, it would have been a GREAT improvement over the 2 + 1-2 there is.

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