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WTB: Atari Inc. pre-1984 2600 games complete in box


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Hi there

I am looking for these 2600 games complete in box, they must be from the Atari Inc. era. You can check this by looking at the back of the box, and it should say Atari Inc. instead of Atari Corp, and the year should be prior to 1984.

In addition to that, these have the manuals printed in color instead of grayscale. Here are the titles I am looking for:

Dig Dug
Pole Position
Moon Patrol
Ms. Pac Man

I may be also interested on the boxes and the manual only, if they are in good shape.

Please send me you offers through PM or drop me an email at lbaeza (at) yahoo (dot) com.

Thanks in advance.

Louis BQ

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