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I got an XBox 360 controller for PC


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I picked up an XBox 360 wired controller for use on my PC. I've got to say, I'm presently surprised at how nice it is as an all-around controller for most of the stuff that I've tried it with, mostly MAME and other various emulation program. The analogue stick is quite responsive and actually a pretty good substitute for control schemes that were either analogue or digital originally; I haven't actually needed to use the digital pad at all. I like the XBox 360 controller much better than the Logitec pad that I was using previously; I found the Logitec to be quite hand-cramping. The only PC joypad that I've liked as much as this one was the old Win98 Microsoft Sidewinder pad but that pad, unfortunately, hasn't been supported by a Windows OP system since XP.

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It's great for PC games just plug it in without having to reconfigure it in your games. Plus all the console port games on the PC assume you have an Xbox controler anyway.


Now I did have to download some drivers and do something in the Device Manager in Windows 7, but it should be set already set up for Win 8. Windows 10 will even use a Xbox One gamepad right off the bat.

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