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Which software for my IIc?


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I'll just list off my stuff.

-I keep both ProDOS and 3.3

-DOS disks, Copy 2+ (It makes me feel save to know Ultima and Sierra games are backed-up somewhere.)

-I wrote a modified assembler based off of one out of a Nibble magazine, same with the compiler.

-Any of the Sierra Hi-Res Adventure games are fun, Apple Adventure, Zork, Ultima I-V, they're all good.

-I use the disk that came with the Hayes Micromodem II for a BBS program.

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Are most Apple owners using 3.3 or ProDos?

Both depending on what works best with the program, though I tend to stay prodos more

Which applications would you consider "must haves" for my IIc?

ADT Pro, Copy II+, Choplifter

Assemblers? (Merlin?)

I have not messed too much with asm, Merlin seems to be the popular choice


Beagle compiler for basic, otherwise for CC65 or Aztec I use my big nasty PC ... you can build a shed in the time it takes to compile hello world in C on a 1mhz 6502

Best adventure game?

The Hobbit (though for a simple experience I am partial to trolls tail)

Best terminal program?

IN#2(return), Control + A, 14B (return), control + A, then T turns your apple II into a dumb terminal running at 9600 bps

Best BBS program?

no clue


hope it helps

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Basic emulation infrastructure for the PC:

1- AppleWin


This will provide you with an easy way to run actual Apple 2 series software right on your PC desktop. I find my classic computing experience to be best when I use both emulation and real hardware. AppleWin is great for beginners, you drag’n’drop the image right onto the emulator and away you go. And there’s no lengthy setup process either. Just get item #1 to get started in 15 minutes. Copy the emulator files to your system and drag-n-drop any .dsk or .po image from FTP ASIMOV right into the emulator to run it. ftp://ftp.apple.asimov.com/pub/apple_II/images/


File Management on the PC side:

1- CiderPress

2- AppleCommander

3- The standard Windows File Explorer built into your computer.




As you download disk images you will need to organize them and work with them. You may want to edit files or add things to those images. CiderPress is the best thing out there, but it is antiquated with lack of drag’n’drop conventions, furthermore it was written in the win98 days and looks dated. It is an invaluable tool for working with images, however..! AppleCommander is good for formatting and making disk images.


File Management on the Apple 2 side:

Apple Dos 3.3 System Master (August 1980)

Apple IIe DOS 3.3 System Master 1983


Copy II Plus 5.5

Copy II Plus 8.4

Copy II Plus 9.1

ProDos 1.1.1 basic & startup disk

ProDos 1.1.1 user’s disk

ProDos 8 v2.0.3 system disk 4.0

ProDos 8 v2.0.3 basic v1.5

David-Dos installation disk

Diversi-Dos installation v4.1-C

These are the basic DOS images and copy programs the will provide all the functionality necessary for working with files and disks on real hardware. So if you go through the trouble to make real floppies, do one of the Apple Dos 3.3 System Masters and Copy II Plus 5.5. One on one side, the other on the other side. If you want a more "advanced" DOS, get into ProDos and use it on an enhanced //e. Get these from:







File Transfer to and from a real Apple II:

1- ADTpro

2- SuperSerial card for the Apple 2

3- Serial cable

4- Old PC with real serial ports, or a serial-to-USB adapter for use on modern PC

5- CFFA 3000 card with removable media



ADTpro is what will enable you to transfer disk image back and forth between your PC and a real Apple. It works over Ethernet, serial cables, or the cassette audio cables. See the excellent project page for complete documentation! CFFA 3000 is one of the best solutions for using flash media like SD cards and USB on your Apple II+ or //e. Both of these solutions allow you to get information to and from the APPLE <> PC. If you’re doing emulation only and staying within the PC desktop environment, then none of this section is needed.


Documentation to review:

1- CompSysApple2FAQ – answers tons of questions


2- Apple 2 series manuals from



3- Beagle Bros. Posters


I used to have an endless supply of these and whenever I fucked up a program we’d shoot holes in them. Great times! Great fun!


I figured I wouldn’t recommend any one specific manual, but instead provide the sources from where you can get almost everything and conduct your own learning; in your own style at your own pace. But I might suggest picking up some //e manuals published by Apple as they are well written. Get something for the Hardware, DOS or ProDOS, Applesoft Basic, and perhaps a tech reference manual.


Sites to get stuff from:










I’m sure there are plenty more resources around, but these are good enough to get you going.

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