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TI-99/4A Stuff - fbForth -- Can this old dog learn new tricks?


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Have you heard the old saying, "You can't teach an old dog new tricks?" Well, sometimes I feel the same way. It may be due to work, family obligations, Atari Age sucking what little free time I have left, or my seriously aging memory. It all comes down to never seeming to be able to really get into the BIG PROJECTS.

Over the past year, I've really wanted to exploit the 80 column capability of my F18A video upgrade and to try something different. Well, fbForth supports the F18A 80 column mode and it's supposed to be FAST, two major things that Extended BASIC is NOT! The only problem is, I'm a total NOOB! Hell, I don't even know how to load a program yet. This is totally a new experience for me as it's SO DIFFERENT.

Well, I took the fbForth plunge! I bought a cartridge, I set up a diskette and now I have room to play!


Now I have a major list of questions...

1) How do I run a newly downloaded program?
2) Now do I edit the FBBLOCKS file so I can permanently retain my color choice of BLUE and WHITE?
3) For that matter... how do I load the bloody editor successfully?

So here I am, an old dog hopefully trying to learn new tricks. My only hope is that there is an old dog trainer out there willing to tackle the job of teacher!


According to a RECENT POLL, there are other's ready to learn too! :)

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