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TG-16 Season 5 Round 14: NINJA GAIDEN

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TG-16 Season 5 Round 14 : NINJA GAIDEN






Manual:nig.pdf (Japanese)

Standard HSC Rules: No continues..codes or cheats.

You may use continues but it resets your score to Zero

Pics are not required but requested.

Round Ends: July 19th 2015 Midnite PST

Note: Change cutscene language:

Go to the title screen, hold I and II, then press Select to cycle through the available languages (the title should change to the desired language). Three are available - Japanese (Default), English and Chinese.

You will need to get your score sometime during your last life...this game does not retain your score.

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bubufubu 230,900 +25

coleco1981 38,800 +24

DonPedro 30,200 +23

roadrunner 28,900 +22

jblenkle 19,800 +21



Place | Name | Points | Rounds Played | Rounds Won


1. coleco1981 [321](13)(4)

2. DonPedro [313](13)(4)

3. roadrunner [264](13)

4. jblenkle [246](12)

5. NIKON [177](8 )

6. darthkur [164] (7) (1)

7. LidLikesIntellevision [143](7)

8. Battra92 [112](6)(1)

9. bubufubu [75](3)(3)

10. S.BAZ [66](3)

11. Jibbajaba [65](3)

12. Darrin [38](2)

13. Buttons [28](1)

14. stardust4ever [21](1)

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