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suggestions for analog/component to VGA

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In my quest to save desk space, I'd really like to be able to hook up analog signal RF type coaxial cables and component video to the modern monitor with VGA in sitting on my desktop. It seems to be more of a challenge than I'd like. I've considered and tried a USB TV Tuner hooked up to a windows computer (never got a signal), a cheap analog to HDMI box hooked up to a VCR/DVD system with all the inputs (displayed video but b/w and missing scan lines), and a TV tuner (ViewSonic VB50HRTV- never displayed any input signal- bought used) but I've never come up with a satisfactory arrangement with a reasonable picture.


Does anyone have any suggestions for a box (or approach) that has analog inputs and VGA output? I'm not looking for the most classic or authentic picture. I just want a good enough picture to test stuff and maybe play it for a few minutes. I have other setups for real gaming and classic computing.


All suggestions appreciated.

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You might try looking for an old plasma TV receiver. They were semi common when flat TV's first started coming out as some of them were just monitors. I got one dirt cheap from Circuit City BITD to hook up to my CRT projector which only had RGBHV input. It basically has an analog tuner and an array of inputs (pretty much everything pre-DVI) and outputs everything to VGA. Not sure if any/all of them do any forced scaling or not though. I can't remember what output/input resolutions mine supported.

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