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Some of these prices are depressing!


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Anyway, much like you I'm pretty obsessive when it comes to the condition of my hardware and cartridges; but in my case I just hunt around for however long it takes to find perfect near-mint condition games at their http://videogames.pricecharting.comprice rather than making new labels for them. I do think it's really cool that you put so much work and creativity into making new labels and box art though! It's a great way to not only personalize your collection, but also add a whole new dimension to collecting and show your favorite games some love. :)


Hehe, it's nice to hear that people find it worthwhile. I showed my brother's friend my little designs and he was really fascinated by it too! The price chart place can be really precious for some games, I'll use it for the few other games I got .. Also is it weird that I'm not the biggest fan of MUSHA? I feel like the mechanics aren't for me, but the music absolutely blew me away!

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Hehe, it's nice to hear that people find it worthwhile. I showed my brother's friend my little designs and he was really fascinated by it too! The price chart place can be really precious for some games, I'll use it for the few other games I got .. Also is it weird that I'm not the biggest fan of MUSHA? I feel like the mechanics aren't for me, but the music absolutely blew me away!

You're definitely not alone when it comes to M.U.S.H.A.. So far I've only played it using a Genesis emulator on my Wii, which was plugged into a HDTV at the time, so I haven't really gotten the authentic original system experience with the game yet; but what I did take away from it is that the game was far too busy for my liking.


From the very first level the screen seemed to be constantly filled with a barrage of enemies and bullets, which were often difficult to distinguish from the highly detailed backgrounds. Maybe I just don't have as keen eyes as the many shmup fans who love M.U.S.H.A., but to me there was just too much going on in it to keep track of. The music was pretty awesome though!


Raiden Trad and Truxton on the other hand are games that I adore. Both are challenging but no where near the "experts only" difficulty level of M.U.S.H.A., and it's easy to distinguish the enemies and power ups from the backgrounds in both games. Which isn't to say that the backgrounds aren't detailed in those two games, because the organic look of Truxton is really cool and unique and some of backgrounds in Raiden Trad can be really mind blowing (especially the levels that have broken bridges raising up from the ground below, which give a great sense of scale). I think the developers for those two games just did a better job of making the enemies and power ups stand out from the backgrounds and keeping the screen from getting confusingly busy.


I'll probably still end up buying a reproduction copy of M.U.S.H.A. at some point in the next month or two, if for no other reason than that it's an iconic "must own" title for any vertical scrolling shmup fan with a Genesis / Mega Drive, but I do think Raiden Trad and Truxton are both much more accessible and enjoyable games. :)

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The thing with a good chunk of Compile games is that they seem really hard at first, but often have overpowered weapons that make getting through the game much easier. Gun Nac for NES was one of those that was a lot easier than it seemed. I heard it might be the same case with MUSHA, but I haven't gotten far enough to confirm. I ended up getting that game on Wii since the price went up so much on the Genesis one.


Last shmup I got for the system was the Japanese Darius II (aka Sagaia). I'm liking it so far and especially like the music in the game. I like what I played of Truxton quite a bit and was surprised by how much it shot up compared to when I got it. I also have a couple of the other Toaplan ports (Fire Shark, Twin Cobra, and Daisenpuu/Twin Hawk). No Zero Wing or Hellfire yet.


for some expensive games, the japanese versions are cheaper. like truxton (tatsujin) and moonwalker. games released before 1993 are region free (in this case both of the games i mentioned are region free), but you need to cut the tabs on the cartridge slot with a hot knife in order to fit japanese mega drive cartridges in an american genesis. i did this on my model 2 and puyo puyo plays perfectly. however, games released after 1993 are region locked.



A Game Genie also works for imports, though I widened the cart slot and had a region switch installed on the model 1 Genesis. The region switch is not only good for games with lockout, but is also good for games like Mystic Defender or Truxton that are different or harder in JP mode. While it is mostly true about most post 1992 games having a lockout, it's not the case with every game. Langrisser II for MD came out in 1994, but doesn't have lockout. As far as I know, Puyo Puyo Tsuu doesn't have lockout either. I also have a couple EU MD games, which unlike JP games have the same cart shape as US Genesis games. I have Psycho Pinball and Super Fantasy Zone, both of which run fine on US Genesis (both seem to be optimized for US and play music at the right speed). Some games, especially later ones, have compatiblity problems due to the PAL standard, as well as region lock, though.

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Heya, I felt like ranting

I wonder why some games have to have such ridiculous pricing and others not so much. I'd say the average Genesis game on Ebay is 10-20 dollars. I can appreciate that well enough, especially when you go for auctions and win a game for 60% of the price. But then there's that cool game you want to try and they charge insane amounts of money for it.


- Castlevania Bloodlines: 45$

- Mega Turrican: 100$ (discovered through this forum)

- Sailor Moon: 90$ (I'm a girl, shush xD)

- TMNT The Hyperstone Heist: 55$

- Trouble Shooter: 45$ (and I rly want that)*

- Truxton: 60$ **


Coincidentally, I happened to check eBay for Castlevania Bloodlines last night, and said, "Screw that," when I saw what they are selling for. I also noticed the prices of some NES and SNES games that I already have are ridiculously high now, like Super Metroid (my favorite console game of all time). I bought mine off eBay in late 2007, and even then I thought the prices were ridiculous. I looked for quite a while to find a loose cartridge for about $20 (which is the most I've ever paid for a used game cartridge). Now they are selling for about $55 for a loose cartridge.


One more thing!

Do people -really- care about boxed versions? The boxes are half-eaten a lot of the time, and it's remarkably easy to find a cover on www.thecoverproject.net for universal game cases. It strikes me as odd that some people would pay 20-40$ extra for a plastic box and a torn manual when they can have a clean look instead.


I couldn't care less about boxes and/or manuals; in fact, I specifically don't want them. Not only do they cost more, but boxes take up a lot more space, and they end up being just another thing to look after / worry about.

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