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My mom got out my tons and tons of Legos from the pantry for my nephew. He apparently likes playing with them. I woke up at about 4pm and then Mom came home and I saw these Legos on the table. It was like I was a kid again. I saw stuff that were not Legos, and I saw plenty of headless Lego people, armless Lego people, and handless Lego people. I saw this guy who looked like Robin Hood. And then I saw a lady Lego person. And that was the beginning. Maid Marian. I figured "Why not do a full-length motion picture about Robin Hood using these Lego people?" I fought with the Lego people with various body parts missing and was able to get five or so with a sixth guy with no head. But then I figured why not just swap heads with some other unused character when he's not in the scene? So here's the legal question: Suppose I put this movie onto YouTube when I am done with it. Could then the company that makes Legos come along and sue me or threaten legal action? All these dumb companies are interested in nowadays are money and "legal rights." I would assume, also, that Robin Hood is in the public domain, but after the Disney movie, who knows any more? There is a Wikipedia article about Robin Hood being in folklore (the debate about him being a real person notwithstanding). So I am going ahead with the project, just for my own amusement. I got some green paper for the Lego people to stand on as grass, and have blue paper for sky. But even when I was a kid, who knew that movies and TV shows starring these iconic figures would become so prevalent in today's culture? Lego Star Wars, The Lego Movie. You mention a franchise, it probably has a Lego movie or TV show about it, or at the very least a physical set about it. I was at the store and saw a Lego SpongeBob set.

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