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2600 Texas Chainsaw Massacre Themed Leatherface Figure by NECA Toys


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So NECA just revealed their first Atari 2600 entry into the classic video game action figure series at SDCC:




On one hand I'm glad to see the 2600 get some representation as so far they've mostly done NES, SMS, and SNES throwbacks. The packaging is also an amazing reproduction of the original box art. But on the other hand it drives me nuts that a figure with only three colors gets the one covering 90% of it wrong. Leatherface is very clearly blue in the game.


It's still fun though. I'll definitely be picking one up if only for the nice presentation.

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Hmm, maybe there are different versions of the ROM out there? On my 2600 Jr. Leatherface and the pickup truck in the background are both blue as can be. Maybe mine's the problem afterall. I know I get slight differences in color if I switch to a woodgrain model but never anything that drastic.

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