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What do Jaguar games use to save.


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It's an EEPROM from the series 93LC46/56/66 , the 46 to be precise.

Each cart has its own if supported, I do not know if it was mandatory at the time to support saving.

No battery needed.


Thanks that's good to know. Now I won't be paranoid that my game will one day disappear.

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Would it be possible to crack open my Worms cart and add an EEPROM? I think the game supports it (may be wrong) and having a save feature would make the game my go port.

Given that the EEPROM was standard and cost very little, if a game doesn't allow you to save, it's almost certain that it doesn't support saving at all ; adding the EEPROM won't do anything.


By the way, the EEPROM can only hold a tiny amount of data (128 bytes). Even by 1993 standards, that was ridiculously small, so it's likely that many games didn't support saving simply because of the lack of space.

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