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TI-99/4A Stuff - Is it reliving my past, going back to my computer roots or


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It's amazing how many configurations there can be for one little computer. Over the years my system(s) have changed quite a bit. Now as I relive my youth through my Classic TI-99/4A, I'm finding that I'm having much more fun the second time around!

Here is a walk down memory lane with photos...

My TI-99/4A in 1985

Notice the 300 baud acoustical modem? Back then, when the BBS was busy, re-dialing was NOT fun!

My TI's configuration in 1987

I had to 'downsize' a little so I built a hutch for my TI system with the monitor built-in and a nice lighted area for the dot matrix printer. This setup had a floor-mounted switch and EVERYTHING came on at the same time.

My system in 1990 a few months before I 'moved on'.

Back around 1990 I was the only remaining TI user in the local area. Everyone else had moved on to PC's, the TI had been long abandoned by Texas Instruments and I did not see the point (back then) of throwing more money at a box that had little going for it. Yes, I was young and dumb!

My NEW (to me) TI system in 2013

In 2013 an Atari Age member just 50 miles north of me got me back into Real Iron. I decided to get myself a Nano-PEB, Super Cart and thought I'd be satisfied...

My system now in mid 2015

As you can see, I was NOT satisfied. I had three Nano PEB's, all had 'issues', so I got myself a Peripheral Expansion box and THAT was when the 'TI BUG' bit down hard. It seem's I'm always wanting SOMETHING for this box, but it's fun being able to do things I could only dream about all those years ago.

I wonder as I type in this blog entry, what will my system look like two years from now?

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