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Craigslist score TRS-80 Model 4


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I have a CoCo2 and I've owned a bunch of Model 100's, but something about the old Model 3 and 4 always caught my eye.. they have that robust serious look, like a NASA workstation terminal, and well I am a fan of heavy clacky keyboards and monochrome monitors. Today I was cruising craigslist looking for old Commodore stuff, and I found Model 4 with 430 printer and 3 organizers full of disks, and original disks and brown binders for Multiplan, Visicalc, SuportScipt, DeskMate, and a bunch of other original disks with manuals, original BASIC and system manuals, and a bunch of other books. It's a later model with the green monochrome screen and arrow keys, 64k. I snatched it up :D


The printer is HUGE.... typically I consider vintage printers to be almost worthless but there is something pretty neat about a printer that will print up to 15" wide. It's worth keeping. Now I just need to find 15" fanfold paper!


Of course, I booted up the machine... and it ran great for 10 minutes and then screeched and coughed and a huge plume of white smoke rising like a mushroom cloud and then spreading out along my ceiling.


I quickly shut it down and discovered the common filter caps blown.


I've already ordered them so repairs should be sometime this week.



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Sure, I paid $140 for the computer, 430 printer with original driver disks and manuals, original plastic covers for computer and printer, and 3 plastic disk organizers about half full, 3 original binders with disks amd owners manuals for TRSDOS 6 for the Model 4/4P (I guess they had multiple copies / computers, this came from a business), Original Visicalc, DiskScripsit, GeneralLedger, Profile 4 Plus, Multiplan, Deskmate, original basic programming manual and quick reference guides.


For the computer alone, not a great price, but considering it's a later model with green monochrome screen and a bunch of disks I think I did pretty well... also no shipping costs.


The repair is very easy, there are two common capacitors that go on these power supplies. They are cheap... 2$ each.

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