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Trolling for feedback on Oystron, INV+ & Mondo Pong


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Hi there, I am the host of the Atari 2600 Game by Game podcast. This week I am talking about the 3 homebrew games done between Erik Mooney and Piero Cavina. I have done a few homebrews before but i don't get much feedback on them unfortunately. So I am stealing Phil's idea (he hosts the Atari 7800 Game by Game podcast, cool name, right? :) ) and hoping that you enjoy having your name read out on a podcast like I do. I just thought of this today, so you only have until late Tuesday night to post feedback here for that particular show. You can also comment on the other homebrews I've done already, which were Ladybug, Edtris 2600, SoundX, Okie Dokie, and StellaSketch. Or really any game I've already done, and you can see a handy list of those at this link ( https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1DlWMa5WOhE2sf_-cVc3T1ksEEKO3mrTCl8LaJRsrS5A/edit#gid=0)which was very graciously done by my friend Jose. Thank you all, hope to hear from you!

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Oystron is a really fun game that reminds me of the strange and unique game ideas that we'd often get back in the day (getting your chicken across a busy road, herding cattle, catching bombs, clowns popping balloons, etc).

Haven't played the other 2 enough to have an opinion.

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Hi Ferg,

I just listened to your podcast (being on vacation, I have the rare right mood for this now).Yea, I am pretty late... :)


I am a big fan of Oystron (it was the game that brought me to Atari 2600 coding) and IMO you covered the game very, very well. :thumbsup: I actually played a few rounds now, before posting this. Now I hope you may do more homebrews in the future. We are in the same boat here, both looking for feedback for our work of love.

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