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new Virtual Jaguar emulator kill spinner code.


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Looking to talk to one of the VJ devs here because there is no contact info that I could find on the page. As some of you may know Tempest 2000 had some hidden code to unlock the use of a spinner in the game. The code would read the directional movements much like the atari driving controller. Some Jag fans have a modified controller that does just this. It works great on the consoles but sloppy on the emulator because of the USB pole rates. Though, it does work, well it did on VJ until the latest update. Now the code in the game appears to be hijacked. Pressing right makes the game respond like the spinner was spun CW, and Left respectively. This is a great features for anyone wanting to play the unlocked code with a normal controller but hurt the true spinner fans.


I'm really just hopping to here from a dev and possibly get a option "emulated spinner mode" figure this was the best place to ask. - all in good taste here, just trying to make emulation fun.



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