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So I have decided to scale back the box since I want to save all my colored ink (which costs a lot.) So Bubba's box will be black and white. But never fear, it will come in a great, nifty DVD box. And if I ever run out of them and as long as the store where I can get 10 for $1 stays open, it won't be an issue. I have decided to ditch my X-Box 360 and sell it to the local game store, and in its place get a cheap DVD player. I wonder how much VHS-to-DVD recorders cost nowadays. I have a ton of old VHS tapes that don't have ActionMax stuff on them I'd like to keep forever for sentimental reasons, the earliest of which is from 1983 when I was a year old. Too bad I don't have anything older, mom and dad got their first VCR in 1979 before I was even born. Oh well. Anyway, I'm deciding to release the game this September, which will mark the first "release" of an ActionMax game in 28 years. I've also started a little tribute page to the ActionMax. On it is the DVD cover for Bubba's Buck Blastin'. Nothing spectacular or eye-blowing, but then again I like seeing and you probably do too, unless you're blind. And I put release in quotation marks because I'm not a company. I have made the first copy of Bubba's Buck Blastin'. It is my personal copy. But even though these things aren't numbered, I will keep track of how many there are out there that I send out all across the United States. So get ready, America, two more months until the ActionMax returns.

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