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Incognito SIDE Loader (from SDX)


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Hi Folks


I feel like a noob all over again!


Trying to get my system back up and sorted after a year away. I have an Incognito 800 with SDX 4.47 (PBI BIOS 1.0) here and I'm trying to use the command line version of the SIDE loader. I can run the XEX and I see the SIDE menu and a directory of the CF card, but if I hit space to mount an ATR or try to boot one by hitting return I get one of two messages:


No PBI driver found, aborting ... (when pressing space)


D1: Not mounted, aborting boot ... (when pressing return)


I'm 99% sure I used to be able to do this no problem, but it seems my Atari foo is weak :(



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Yes, guess so. I'm using the latest version of the Incognito loader I could find. It's not a big deal since as you rightly point out I can get there with Inverse+Reset and L which is probably just as quickly.

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