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Tower of Doom Box

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This has to be one of the best looking boxed copies of Tower of Doom I have ever seen. I picked this up in a local Game Exchange for 65 dollars. I know this goes for about that price on EBay but none of them have ever seem as in good shape as this one.


Being in disbelief I had to do a search to see if there were ever any reproductions made of this and I was never able to find one. It seems legit but its hard to believe. Here are some of the pictures and a link to more photos.


Your thoughts?














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Wow, that is nice. It has been my experience that for 'rare' games some game exchange stores ignore condition and simply get price information from the last several sales of a game on ebay or use videogamepricecharts, which can mean overpriced poor condition games but underpriced mint condition ones.

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The one I have is a little less nice, but still in very great shape. I bought it from Craigslist in a town 40 miles away.


Nice pickup

Yea it’s defiantly rare to find this game is such good condition. It’s almost like no one ever played it.

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