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If it seems like I haven't been on here lately, you're right. What have I been doing? Sleeping. More than usual. I practically slept all Sunday and most of Monday. I got to thinking about Odyssey 2 programming again. What should I do next? Then I got an idea. I remembered I had made a grid for a Mario Bros.-type game. So I decided to try and make a Mario Bros.-type game for the Odyssey 2. It's not going to be a complete port. I don't know how to program certain grid lines blue frozen and others be green. I don't even think it's possible. But I'll see what I can cram in 2k. I used 483 bytes to make a man walk around the screen like in a platforming game. So I have about 1500 bytes left to work with. I imagine they will go fairly quickly when I feel like adding enemies in. It cooled down a lot, but I'm still really hot. Here is a screen of Mr. Plumber Man.

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