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atari2600land's Blog - Summer Plumber part 3


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So I added a score and a high score. That took a few hours of tweaking the program so I could fit it in. Now I'm at 1,302 bytes used. I wrote a tiny little program to see how the fireball would be designed. Have you ever done that before, write sample little programs to test stuff for a game you're working on just so you don't break the program you're working on and to see what it would look like? I had a hard time designing a fireball. Most of the time spent was trying to get the inner color just right. The inner color is a circle character, and the outer color is sprite 3, my final sprite. I played a little bit of Mario Bros. on Stella and realized that that stupid fireball is annoying, so I had better put it in there to make the game harder. Luckily, there are 8 places it could spawn (4 on each side) and then move left or right, and then respawn over and over again ad nauseam. Also lucky for me is I don't have to write a separate character collision routine that would mess up the pow block (all characters are affected by a single character collision routine.) So all I have to do is figure out how to add the fireball in the game. Something that I won't do right now since I'm sick of programming now. I figure why not take a break if I don't have a deadline? So anyway, here is a picture of the fireball from my little fireball testing program.

Looks kind of similar to the Atari 2600 version, but enough to differentiate it from the Screen Gems logo. Also, I don't know how much room there will be left once i put the fireball in. I'm hoping to add different enemies than the goomba that keeps coming out. The fireball took two hours to design and program. And it's really hot in here. I think I'll open my window. After all, it's only 4am! And the dumb moths are back. I had to kill a whole bunch. Up goes another fly trap. I wonder if a Venus fly trap plant would be enough to keep moths away. I could put it in my bathroom, but does it also eat plant food in case there's no moths? And where would I get one? Research time, I guess.

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