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Xbox One Read Disc Errors

Metal Ghost

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Hi everyone....I'm curious if anyone else is running into the same issue.


Often when I place a disc into the console, it will not be recognized or read by the machine. It started a while ago (6 months perhaps?) but has been getting progressively worse. It was typically one with XB1 games (though I don't use a lot of Blu-Rays or DVDs) but did happen this past week when trying to read a DVD as well.


I've used a cleaning CD, several times, along with giving it a good spritz of compressed air.


It's a Day One launch console (should know better by now, right?? LOL)


Anyone else running into this issue, or have you heard whether this is widespread or not? Other than that the system works great.

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I haven't had any problems with my Day One launch XB1. My Day One controller still works as well, while the extra controller I bought started to have the drift problem. The only systemic problem I've heard about with the XB1 is with the controller drift.


You mean like when an analogue stick is slightly off and you get slight inputs?

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Can you clarify what you mean by controller drift? I have never heard the term used before.




You mean like when an analogue stick is slightly off and you get slight inputs?


When the analog sticks are in the neutral position, your on screen avatar or aiming reticle in a FPS will move on its own. It is a fairly common problem, or was. I think Microsoft has fixed the build quality with the new controllers. Besides myself, I have Xbox Live friends that it has happened to as well and numerous threads can be found about the problem on the internet. I'm just lucky it hasn't happened with my Day One controller, but the other controller I bought on launch day it happened to. MS will fix it for free, but you have to pay for shipping.







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