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Just finished building a MAME cab (",)


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I have been in the retro computer games hobby for ten years or so. Starting with building my own arcade machine- a cocktail cab. From there I went nuts on old consoles but always hankered to build another cab, since that combines aspects of earlier hobbies like model building and electronics. So I am pleased to introduce you to George Jetson, my lowboy :)

It has some features that I consider might even be world firsts in this hobby. First, I mounted the controls in the glass itself (the cost of the holes was more than the cost of the glass!). And then, to keep it looking clean, I dispensed with the usual P1, P2 and coin buttons and installed touch controls under the glass. I'm pretty pleased with the result :lust:

It runs a PC with MAME installed, which is an arcade machine emulator. I've wired it so I can use an original PCB as well, in case I want to learn more about maintaining the real deal some time down the track.

And a quick clip on youtube




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They are Servostiks, from Ultimarc. Basically, they are a Sanwa stick with a servo attached so it changes from 4 way to 8 way on selection of a game. Most of the special goodies in my cab are from Ultimarc, except the CRT chassis and the touch control modules. You can see the build of my cab here (",)

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