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Can TV`s in NTSC-countries handle PAL and NTSC50 signal?


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I have a question. TV`s in the PAL-countries can nearly all handle NTSC-signals. For example, my TV here has the modes "PAL, PAL60, NTSC, NTSC50".


How is it with the TV`s in the NTSC-countries. Can they handle PAL-signal? Would a PAL-Atari2600 work for example on an american TV?


And next question. How is it with NTSC50 signal. There are some really good Atari2600 demos which are only available in PAL (the normal PAL50). For me this is good, i live in a PAL-country :) But it would be great if all NTSC-users could also run these demos on their Ataris. To make them workable on NTSC-Ataris, the colors must be converted and they must run then in NTSC50, because otherwise, in normal NTSC60, they would run to fast. Is NTSC50 a screenmode, that works on the most TV`s in the NTSC-countries?

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TVs no, monitors maybe. My 2600 is modified for S-Video and I use it on my old C= 1084S which can handle PAL 2600 games just fine, they'll just have the wrong colors.


As an example, here's the PAL game Wing War via Stella:



Wing War on my hardware:



Back in the day I'd often boot up my Amiga 2000HD in PAL mode for demos and games, the color palettes on the NTSC and PAL Amiga computers were the same, so no color conversion was needed.

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So, then it is theoretically be possible, to convert PAL-games or PAL-demos to NTSC. Such PAL50-games which are already speed-adjusted, would then run to fast, if they would be transformed to NTSC60. Then they must be transformed to NTSC50 to stay at their normal speed. There are only a few games, which exist in PAL and not in NTSC, but there are some good demos, which are only available in PAL.

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