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5200 Proto Cartridge mentioned on Facebook possibly 4 sale on ePay soon


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Not me… Richard Crespo posted a photo of a Prototype Lab Loaner Cartridge in the Atari Retro Gamers group on Facebook.


He doesn't know what the cartridge is [game-wise] because he doesn't currently have a 5200 and he mentioned he might put it up for sale on ePay...




Here's the actual group URL if you want to join and contact him there:






I'm posting this info here because I hate for a lost proto to slip away from the community [assuming it isn't a duplicate of something already dumped]. Even so, I'd rather someone here gets it instead of some retro gaming speculator on ePay.



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Any differences?


He's asking if any of the other protos or the commercial version exhibits the following behavior:


"When you put on advanced does the vine stage background change color and put monkeys on the vine that are impossible to pass no matter where they are? ?"


He also said the cartridge itself doesn't have any screws to unscrew in order to open it up and see what is written - if anything - on the EPROMs inside.

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