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Biggest screen possible for Light Gun games?

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Largest CRT tV's I heard of are 90cm tubes.From some serches on the Web, 40 inches is probably the largest you can hope to find; 42" seems to have been available but they must be rare.

Largest size might have existed but either sold at the unit for wealthy people or companies/demonstrations. (At this size, rear projections and Tritubes projectors would get less espensice and easier to handle).


Early plasma TV have been reported to be somewhat compatible with light guns - I gues the ones that will have only analog inputs. This might be a thing to try if you want a large TV... Even if at those size, plasma TV get only slightly less heavy than CRTs :P

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I heard older ones may work.


I guess that more recent ones works like LCD, in progressive mode, and there could be imput lag due to analog to digital conversion adding to the mess.


Some peopel report light guns working with their plasma, other says it doesn't. I guess you gotta try before buying.


I would LOVE seeing a guy in the shop coming in with his NES and trying Duck Hunt on a 220cm 4K plasma TV :D

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I know 42 inches exists, it was right at the end of consumer CRT era, LCD were cheaper and coming out in much bigger size.


Light gun games has different way of detecting the timing. Some like Sega Phaser (SMS) uses scanline to time with the video chip to determine exactly where the gun was aimed at. and modern TV with all those digital design won't have easy single scanline, it's whole screen plus analog to digital lag throws out those types of gun.


NES Zapper uses big flashing white box and it's one box per frame so it could work on LCD if the analog to digital lag is very minimal.


I have no idea how later light guns worked (SNES, Genesis, and PSX) but if it's like Sega Master System, no luck.

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36" is the largest consumer CRT TV I'm familiar with. You've got something real special there with a 39" and yeah, I wouldn't want to move it! :lol:


It's a 38 or 39, I can't remember for sure, its mint with remote and in storage at my rents right now while i'm in "transition" to eventually buying a place. It's from 2003 or so right around the time they stopped making them, it's silver and it only has a few AV inputs and S Video so i'm guessing by they CRT's (even big ones) were considered budget and not top of the line. Eventually i'd like to get a late 90s Sony Trinitron 36", now those were top of the line TV's. The Philips still looks pretty glorious though, for what it is! And the NES, 7800, 3DO, SNES, and Saturn light gun games worked awesome on it!!

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