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Atari 7800: Asteroids inside Joust


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Hey everyone,


I recently grabbed an Atari 7800 and the hardware works fine (although the controller port may be faulty I suspect) - as an aside, DEAR LORD. RF is awful! How did we manage back in the day?! I'll have to see about getting this composite-modded.


Anyhoo, it came with 4 games: 2600 Combat, 2600 Space Invaders, 7800 Xevious, and 7800 Joust. Except Joust isn't Joust - boot it up, and it's Asteroids.


The cart doesn't appear tampered in any way, so could this be a rare manufactured-faulty cart? Would that be a rarity and worth something?


Thanks :)

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Could be a production defect, wrong label on the cart, don't think there is a huge market to make it particularly valuable though, just my two cents.

Perhaps it could also be the case that the cartridge is the correct game, but is mechanically defective in some way, the system not recognizing it, and then booting up the Asteroids game built into the 7800's bios (Asteroids is built in on some systems).

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