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For those interested, I have been posting up photos and video of my adventure this weekend. I have not yet been able to sort through everything I have nor get everything captioned, but I am working on it over the next several days. I am not posting up pictures of people (other than the famous ones, of course) as I have an aversion to putting up others' photos on-line (including myself, frankly, but whatever.)


I also have what may be exclusive video of Peter Cherna booting and demonstrating the AA prototype in an A3000 case and quickly going through the demonstration he gave at the Orlando DevCon in 1993, which includes a HAM mode window showing 262k colors in a window on a standard screen, as well as attached screens (where moving a parent also moves the child screen,) and more.


I thought at some point I was the only person taking video, but now I think there may have been another fella to the left of Peter taking better quality video. I did mine with my SonyEricsson C905a, which CAN do VGA but I forgot how to make it so (and think it may actually require one of the brilliant hacked camera drivers out there.) In any case, it is only 320x240, so you will just have to get over it.


(Honestly, it was a miracle I got the whole thing as there is some kind of bug in SonyEricsson's Java platform which affects the K850i and the C905a. It only exhibits when saving directly to the card, while saving to phone memory works just fine. The video will just suddenly stop, camera mode will exit, and the resulting file will be not only corrupt but completely unrecoverable. I have not yet figured out what triggers the bug, but I believe it may have something to do with the size of the card and space remaining. I am using 16GB cards and generally have between 500MB and 4GB of free space.)


Also soon to come is an essay on the event. I can only say right now that this weekend was an electrifying, inspiring, and emotional experience for me, something I will not just remember but carry with me for the rest of my life.

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