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ABBUC's new Turbo-Basic XL Handbuch


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OK all, I've been in talks with Wolfgang Burger from ABBUC.


He's given the OK for the translation. ABBUC will retain the Intellectual Property.


He just wants to know the answer to a couple of questions for now.


1) How many copies will need printing?

2) How will postage be handled? i.e. Do all copies get sent to the U.S.A. as the majority will probably be sold there.


Do we have much of a demand from Europe from non-German speakers? Let us know your feelings on here and we'll get a sense for numbers / distribution.


I don't know a price as of yet, but I assume that it will be around the price of whatever ABBUC charge for the German version. I guess that distribution costs may vary this a little. We haven't actually discussed costs yet.

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One copy in Switzerland for me please!


BTW, is there a bug in PMG example?

When you move joystick up, player last line isn't erased.


attachicon.gifTBXL Hanbuch - PMG Example.atr

No idea. I have the book but haven't read it or used it yet. However if you tell me the page number, I can investigate.


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Line 770 should be:


770 FOR LAUF=%0 TO 7


Instead of:


770 FOR LAUF=%1 TO 7

Thank you. Book is OK, it's my typing mistake.


Someone else would like an English translation of the new Turbo-Basic XL Handbuch?

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OK, after a bit of a delay, due to real life and other projects, the translation has now commenced.


Myself and Bobby (Synthpopalooza) will be doing 50% of the translation each.


As we have around 165 pages each to complete, it won't be quick to complete but we've given ourselves a fair and reasonable target of 3 months from now to finish our parts before we review each others work (so that we are consistent) and then send the resulting document back to ABBUC.

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