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Atari 2600 clone - how to fix it?


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I'm an owner of Atari 2600 clone, typical for market in late 80s. Unfortunately it gives to me a blank black screen on TV. No response. I'd like to know if there is any website with hints about repairing such a devices. I'm not into Atari and clones, so it would be for me the first time in repairing such a machine. Let me know.


Thanks in advance!

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Post some pictures (preferably of the inside) - there are lots of "clones"


Is there an LED that lights up? When you power it on while connected correctly to the RF input on a TV does the general static change at all to indicate the unit it sending something to the display?


It might not sound like it, but you could be better off if the unit does absolutely nothing - then you can troubleshoot power and move on from there when you've fixed it.

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