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So I got the 32x out from the garage. It survived a few feet high-up fall to the concrete. No cracks or anything. And it works good, too. I ordered Primal Rage off eBay. I was going to get T-Mek as well but I thought for a second. I already had it. I looked for a previous blog entry. I found that I had already bought it. And then I found the copy I had bought. I just saved myself about $25. So then I just need the 2nd WWF game (Why were there two of them made for this console?) and then I'll be done collecting for this, at least what I can afford. And it's not looking like I'd be missing out on much. I have Pitfall 3D for the Jaguar, I really have no interest in Spider-Man or a second baseball game. I don't know about Blackthorne, though. And I can't get a CD 32X game since I don't have a Sega CD. How would a CD 32x game even work, anyway? Put the 32x on the Genesis and then put the CD into the CD player? If that's it, how does the CD part know that you've put the 32x on it? i guess the same way it knows when you have a 32x cartridge on it or not. And I'm just guessing that the very expensive 32X games are just expensive because people are greedy. It can't be because it's rare because there's copies of Spiderman on eBay all the time, unless it's the same people trying to be greedy still. Well, they get what they deserve: no money.

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