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Wasn't aware of this BASIC, had a look, 2 very nice things that you have implemented that I love.

DIR (always bugged the life out of me having to go to DOS cos my brain cells forgot the file name)


HEX (really like this too, usually use assembler and this really helps when trying things out)


Maybe it might be possible to implement BIN on byte values, I tend to use BASIC to try stuff

out and loads of times I'm twiddling with bits and would be great to have that facility



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40 minutes ago, TGB1718 said:

Maybe it might be possible to implement BIN on byte values

Not a bad idea, will think about it.


22 minutes ago, bf2k+ said:

I don't suppose that UBASIC source could be compiled with MMG or ABC compilers?

U-BASIC is 101% Atari BASIC, so it should be no problem to compile with MMG or ABC (I did not try). The only exception are the hex numbers (like POKE $D40E,$00), but these are anyways implemented in the way Turbo-BASIC XL does them, i.e. backward compatible with Atari BASIC (in Atari BASIC the POKE above will still work, just will be displayed in the listing as POKE 54286,0). So it depends on the compiler actually, if it would accept this or not. If not, still TBXL Compiler should be able to compile that.


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8 minutes ago, drpeter said:

In Altirra 4.00-test18 this latest binary-enhanced version seems to crash in the presence of anything more than 64K of RAM.  Is this expected behaviour?

How a crash may be exspected behaviour...


But I cannot reproduce this:




Could you, then, provide more details on the configuration?

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