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Ooops.. wrong version of Donkey Kong


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So I ordered a 7800 copy of Donkey Kong online, and it came in today... as the 800 version. Ooops. I've got no need for this and didn't pay much, so I'm going to let it go to the first person who private messages me with their address. US only, please... I'm going to ship this on the cheap, so overseas breaks the non-existent budget.


Cart only, but in really nice shape. I've got no way to test to see if it works, however.

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Good karma indeed. LIKED. For those who may not know, near-final source code for this was found by Curt Vendel years ago and posted to AA. Landon Dyer, the programmer, commented several times in the thread and has a fantastic write-up about it on his blog.



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