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RE: your "Atari 2600 Game Rarity Guide"


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Hi Atari Age.


I am writing with some enquiries RE: your "Atari 2600 Game Rarity Guide".


I saw your Guide and just for the Fun of it, went through all my Atari 2600 Games!


1) I have a Game Called "NEXAR" or "The Challenge Of NEXAR" by Spectravideo, For the ATARI and Sears Video Games Systems. This is Not on your List!


The Game is a 1983 Game, Use with Joystick, and the Cart Number is: SA-206.


2) I also have "GORF" with a Completely Different "WHITE" Label.


3) I also have "BOOM BANG" with a Different Label, mine says "VIDEO GAME BOOM BANG"

and the Cart has a Cart Number "SS-016" and S.S. on the Rear!


4) I also have "Jungle Hunt" with a white Label, Not Silver as per your List.


Hope some of this Info helps. i can send Pics if you like.


Darren (amigaman07) in Australia


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