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Only for 8-bit souls


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You have just an 8-bit soul? You should have used a TI-99/4A.


(Zero tolerance for 8-bit defamation! :-D ... yep, sorry, could not resist ... let's not start over)


I love your post! :)

I couldn't resist! I just have to write it. I'am 8/16-bit soul (all that 6502, 7501, 8502, Z80, TMS9900, M68000 have mix my mind and soul :-o )


Please don't burn me!! :D

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I know it's a bit overdone, and I'm using that in a more humorous way ...


But the background is that back in time, when TI still sold the 99/4A, people kept claiming it's not a "real" 16 bit system, mainly those who played on their 6502/6510 computers.


Admittedly, from an outside view, particularly from the visible capabilities, the TI-99/4A resembles the 8-bit systems much stronger than the later 16/32-bit systems, so it is understandable that it was put in this 8-bit category. From a technical viewpoint, it's outright wrong. The TMS9900 is a pure 16 bit platform. Let's be proud about that, just a little bit. :)

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