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Season 4 - The New HSC - Weeks 28/29 = Cartoon Weeks, Vol.2


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Road Runner: 80,800

I'm away for the weekend, so this will be my last score.




Again, when you see what the programmers were TRYING to do:


Look! Extra lives. Well thought out levels. Huh.



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New score for Bugs Bunny. I must say, I'm not very excited to play this after finding out about the bullet stealing...


Bugs Bunny: 1,360.


when i thought of the bullet-farm I had already been getting the flashing-carrot bonus, so when I tried out the farming I thought it actually seemed a little faster to go for the flashing carrots. They give you such a nice bonus that you get extra lives pretty often. with some practice you basically have a "carrot-farm." -- not only is that faster and more fun, but hey it's legit too! ...and farming bullets instead of carrots just isn't the life for Bugs.

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Normally, prototypes from big developers make me think, why the hell didn't this amazing game get released? But I have to admit, Bugs Bunny is a really shitty game: fast and cheap, with no depth of replay. Get it right right away, or you're dead. Also, oops, you're randomly dead no matter what you do. Kids would've hated it more than ET! Parents, less so, but they wouldn't have bothered to play much.

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