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Any options for flashing SIDE2 w/o U1MB?


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As of yesterday's mail delivery, I have a new SIDE2 cart. It appears to have SDX version 4.46a on it, from 2013. Are there any options for flashing SDX version 4.47 onto it with a 64K machine? I have a 130XE but it has a dodgy keyboard I haven't fixed yet. I also have a new U1MB but I won't get it installed until tomorrow at the earliest, and possibly not until next weekend - it's nearly 100º here and I can't abide the thought of going out to my garage workbench for soldering. :P

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Okay, I went to the SDX project page, downloaded the updater for the SIDE2 and have an .atr called SDX447_side2.atr. That disk image contains FLASH_E2.COM, SDX44DE2.ROM and an AUTOEXEC.BAT file. I have that .atr mounted as Disk 1 in RespeQt on my laptop.


I put the SIDE2 cart in the slot, switch in the DOWN position to boot to SDX. Power up 800XL, SDX boots, and I get the following:


Ultimate clock installed

SIDE Driver 1.0 © 2011, FJC



SpartaDOS X 4.46a 4-02-2013

Copyright © 2013 by FTE & DLT


179 memory conflict




And that's it. I can't run the flasher program on the disk - If I try to run the flasher directly from the command line I get "138 Device does not respond"


Any clues for where I've gone astray?

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Try booting with Shift held down. IIRC, this stops the SIDE driver from installing. It's not really much use on a 64KB system, since it eats memory. It's clearly raising MEMLO too high for the flasher to loa



While that did indeed prevent the SIDE driver from installing, it didn't help. Same 179 error.


Eh, no big deal I suppose. I should be able to get the U1MB installed in the next week or two if I don't do it today. I'll update the SIDE2 then with UFLASH.

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Well, with my 1200XL mods in work but stalled at the step of installing the U1MB, I decided to try flashing the SIDE2 with my 130XE. I dont use that machine much, as the case is not in great shape and it's pretty yellowed. Worse, the dodgy keyboard on it doesn't register CTRL, Left Shift, A, Z, X, C, or V. Fortunately, the flasher program only requires a 'Y' to confirm the flash process :D The extra RAM in the 130XE was enough to allow the program to run, and now my SIDE2 is updated to SDX 4.47.


I don't guess SDX is used much by folks with unexpanded 64K or lower machines, but it might be nice to have an option for those people to update their flash carts. As it is, it doesn't seem possible with less than 128K machines.

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Well admittedly I'm an SDX newbie. I know SDX can use CONFIG.SYS files but I've not yet ever fooled with them. But in any event, my SIDE2 cart is updated and hopefully very soon my favorite 1200XL will have a U1MB installed and this won't be an issue again.



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