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Went to the Cleveland Classic game show yesterday and picked up a few games. I got Frenzy for $5 and Mr. Do!, Wargames, and Space panic for $5 total. All the labels are in good to excellent shape. How did I do paying 10 total for them?


Pretty reasonable! :) :thumbsup:

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I always like to reference Mumbai's sales list in the MarketPlace seeing as he usually has the best pricing around:




So after doing so, you saved yourself about $5 on the games and roughly $3-$4 on shipping... so you did pretty damn good as long as all the games are in working order.

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I played frenzy and wow I am not good at it. I'm not used to the walls firing the bullets back/walls disapearing and robots shooting me. That, plus they are a pretty good shot diagonal and I need to work on it. I played some Mr. Do! and I did have fun with it. I need to play the coleco a little more because after that 15 minutes or so play my hand was hurting from holding the controller.


Not sure who it was that I got the 3 off of, could have been you. I just know he had a ton of games, but most I had of the commons or just wasn't really wanting it. I'm sure I could have found a few more but I want to just buy some right now as I am going to get the atarimax and put all the roms on it and get some home brew games going as soon as i can afford it. i have 1 other sd cart ahead of the atarimax so it is 2nd in line. I really wanted Frenzy since I love Berzerk on my 2600, I am terrible at the 5200 version, and I saw a review on frenzy and knew it was a must have for me.

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