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Hi, Tebe!


I experimented with $R directive for including resource data to main binary file. It works well, including RCDATA for general types of data. But I have a small problem. Resource data set is mirrored to constant value in main program in a way like this:



data = $8F00;


That's ok, every data in resource is linked to constant value in main program with specified memory address. Now, for my problem, which probably isn't. What I want to do is calling resource data, then declaring variable in main program without assigning it to specific memory address, but dynamically relocating resource variable to main data segment. For example, I want to do something like this (putting resource data directly to array of bytes):


newData : array[0..150] of byte; // Linked directly to resource data with the same name


Currently I have to do:



data = $8F00;



newData : array[0..150] of byte;




newData := Pointer(data);




Is this possible?




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Thank you! I thought about previous solution with const value, which works great (I actually read array of data from resource and point it to screen memory without declaring array), but you never know, the way from this patch can be useful, too.

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I had a custom routine to do inverse text, but it is unnecessary now. I can use text and * sign in resource file with RCASM directive, but this new solution is more than practical. Feature straight from MAD assembler :)



Mad Pascal 1.3.7, http://mads.atari8.info

{$R 'text.rc'}
var  txt: array [0..0] of byte absolute $bc40;


txt rcasm 'text.asm'


  dta d'Atari !'


I can confirm I use this text resource file feature successfully, I just have to be careful with setting offsets to specific strings. One thing I like about this stuff is, I can make more resource files with strings for specific purposes. This also makes code more readable.

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Great to see new version. But I run my program and something is wrong:

c:\Atari\Appl\mp>mads.exe projects\titler\titler.a65 -x -i:base
SYSTEM: $24B4..$2559
JOYSTICK: $255A..$2559
CRT: $255A..$25FB
FASTGRAPH: $25FC..$2857
SYSUTILS: $2858..$28EF
CODE: $2000..$45FE
DATA: $45FF..$5116
        RCDATA 'MEM0101.SCR' adr.MENU0101 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
 ift main.ADR.MENU0101+len >= $c000
res6502.asm (221) ERROR: Undeclared label MAIN.ADR.MENU0101 (BANK=0)
        org main.ADR.MENU0101
res6502.asm (242) ERROR: Undeclared label MAIN.ADR.MENU0101 (BANK=0)
        RCDATA 'MEM0102.SCR' adr.MENU0102 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
 ift main.ADR.MENU0102+len >= $c000
res6502.asm (221) ERROR: Undeclared label MAIN.ADR.MENU0102 (BANK=0)
        org main.ADR.MENU0102
res6502.asm (242) ERROR: Undeclared label MAIN.ADR.MENU0102 (BANK=0)
Writing listing file...

I didn't reach $c000 memory address. Are there any modifications in code for reading resource files?



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menu0101 = 36900;

menu0102 = menu0101 + 360;


functions: array [0..0] of byte absolute menu0101 + 360 + 840;

{$r 'projects\titler\titler.rc'}



menu0101 RCDATA 'MEM0101.SCR'

menu0102 RCDATA 'MEM0102.SCR'

functions RCASM 'functions.asm'

I will check anyway if a problem is in my code.

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MadPascal 1.4.3


- SYSTEM: ReadConfig, ReadSector, WriteSector
- SYSTEM: Point, Rect, Bounds, PointsEqual
- DOS: CurrentMinuteOfDay, CurrentSec100OfDay, CurrentSecondOfDay, MinuteOfDay, MinutesToTime, SecondOfDay, SecondsToTime
- MATH: Power, ArcTan2, InRange, EnsureRange, CycleToRad, DegNormalize, DegToGrad, DegToRad, DivMod, GradToDeg, GradToRad, RadToCycle, RadToDeg, RadToGrad
- LABEL, GOTO label
- {$f page} fast multiplication for types WORD, SMALLINT, SINGLE
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Hi tebe!




MadPascal 1.4.3

While porting a little (very old) game from TP7 to Mad-Pascal, I found a little bug in the generated code, probably at the optimizer.


This code:


program bug;

    A : byte;
    B : boolean;
    A := 4;

    if A = 2 then
        B := False
        if A = 3 then
            A := 1;
        B := True;

Should write "TRUE", but the optimizer generates a "sta B" instruction, writing a "0" to "B", so the result is "FALSE".



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Hi tebe!,


thx DMSC, yes it was a bug


new, fixed MP 1.4.5, http://mads.atari8.info/mp_145.7z


- UNIT support clause USES

- UNIT, section INTERFACE need procedure/function declaration





section INITIALIZATION, FINALIZATION is not supported

Thank you!


Indeed, my ported program works now :-)

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