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Falcon Tower system for trade...

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Hello, all...


A friend of mine has come into a Falcon system in a tower case with the some sort of 68060 upgrade board (one that wouldn't fit into the original Falcon case, if I understand it correctly). He's actually hoping that there is someone out there with a working, mostly stock NTSC Falcon who would be willing to trade straight across for it.


Upgraded RAM, HDD and the "audio fix" are OK, but he wants the case to be stock (no holes drilled in it from upgrades), the keyboard to be original and everything in good working order/good cosmetic shape.


I am not completely sure of the specs. on this thing, but I know it's pretty beefy and I can get them if necessary.


We are located in central California (USA) and would prefer someone within driving distance (this thing is bulky and heavy), but shipping arrangements can be made if need be.


PM me if interested.

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OK... I have asked my friend to provide pics (inside, outside, on and off) and specs. He's hoping to have that stuff ready perhaps this weekend.


I seem to remember hearing that it was a CT60 machine @ 66MHz(?), but I don't remember how much RAM, size of the HDD, or if any other tweaks that have been done to it.


It has a MegaSTE/TT030 keyboard.


I'll post more as soon as I get it.

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Greetings, all...


Just a quick update; we will try to have photos next weekend.


My friend acquired this Falcon in a trade and knows nothing about it. He (apparently) needs my help in hooking it up, and he's a 2.5 hour drive from me, so it is less than convenient for either of us.


I appreciate your patience and will post pics as soon as I have some (again, hopefully next weekend).


Many thanks!

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Bad news... we hooked the Falcon up and got no picture on the screen. He's having someone look at it now.


If anyone might still be interested, please watch for updates and PM me accordingly.


I'm sorry this is not going the way we had all planned.



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