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rB+ tutorilol : lolvalamp effect from CWaCoM

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Just wanted to dump the info out there regarding how the metablols/lolvalamp blobby effect was discovered/achieved/whatever. An interesting effect that looks like it's doing a lot more than it is, certainly on the rB+ side if not the raptor side - basically take RGB gfxs, convert to CRY, set object types to CRY, set video mode to RGB with varmod off, choose suitable BG colour, have the objects wander around and meet each other and sit back and enjoy the eyegasm. Kinda looks like a really expensive per-pixel effect yet it's all raptor sprite handling and OP feature-exploiting.




Because there's no music playing or ROM reading, the Jaguar was kind enough to allow a few of the larger objects. I removed the logo and ramped up the 128x128x16bit object count, replacing some of the smaller 32x32s. So it's not a direct rip of that screen, because that was a huge jumble of sync-ups and other horrors, it's just the bare-bone needed to show what is going or (or not, lol!).




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