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SNES HSC Season 2: What games should we do?

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Hey there you are. I remember you were the moderator in Season 1 you going to be the mod in season 2? If so, it's all cool by me since it's been awhile you've logged on. Anyways my reccomendations are.


Super Castlevania 4

Dracula X

Super Adventure Island

Super Ghouls n Ghosts

Gradius 3

Darius Twin

Super Nova

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I'll try this again, with a different scoring system, and


Great news by the way!! I messaged Al a few days ago and yesterday he responded back. He said he will be more than happy to create a direct link and subforum for the SNES High Score Club if there is a great amount of participants and activity. Hopefully we can get some more gamers.

I hope so too. I've run several types of HSC, SNES, Sega, Multi-cart, and was thinking of a new one Gameboy HSC.


I'll start a trial run today on the HSC.

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