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atari2600land's Blog - I'm amazed by the Sega Pico


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I just got a Sega Pico. It's a thing for kids. Seeing as how I got a Didj, I figure I might as well get this as well. For a piece of '90s technology, I still am amazed at it. The graphics are Genesis quality, perhaps even better. But seeing has how there's so little room for the chip to be in as it's contained in a book. You plug the book into the Pico. And how does it know when you've turned a page or not? I moved my hand and pretended to turn a page. It didn't turn over. It knows somehow. The game I got with it is the Richard Scarry, the 2600 Pac-Man in the Pico world apparently, looking at the rarity guide at DP and prices on eBay. And eBay does have a lot of Pico stuff. I wonder if homebrew is possible. Think about it. Think about an erotic story on the Pico. Pico porn. That would be really funny. Or not. I always thought if Richard Scarry was going to make kids' stories, he'd at least change his name. I don't want to be scarred with a surname like Scarry. Anyway, there's even a Sonic game on it. Sonic is I guess on every single Sega console ever made. And a long lifespan, at least for kid tech. 1994-6 with another one last game in 1997. And then Majesco released some in 1999. If only the Didj had that long of a lifespan.

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