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Color hue slightly off on 2600 titles

Andromeda Stardust

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My Best AV modded 7800 is great but I have noticed some colors don't seem quite right. "New" Pacman seems slightly violet when I play it and when I played the Space Rocks TE the green in the upper right corner of the shield was very obviously teal colored. The red bricks in Princess Rescue also look orange compared to my 4-switch woody. I'll collect pics later but is there some way to calibrate the video output? I believe the color hue is only shifted on the 2600 side of things but I'm not sure for certain as I don't have anything else to compare my 7800 to. Since 2600 used the TIA and 7800 used the Maria for video, I'm assuming they would have different adjustments. Is there a pot I need to adjust? Where is it located? What do I need to look for? I've never opened my 7800 and it still has the NOS warranty stickers over the screw holes, presumably placed there by Best. Also I purchased it from Best in 2014 so the warranty is null by now anyway. I haven't done a lot of playing 2600 games on my 7800 because I mostly use my 2600 for that. BTW my 7800 serial is A1 88 5425514 and there is no expansion port on my Atari.


Before anybody tells me to adjust the hue control on my mom's TV she watches cable TV on it and my other game consoles would look off so that wouldn't be a good idea to mess it up.

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