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WTB: Bally Astrocade


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I'm looking for a working Bally Astrocade / Professional Arcade / Computer System / Library Computer whatever they were calling it that week. It doesn't need to be CIB or anything fancy, but should be well tested, fully functional, and in decent cosmetic shape.


I know these can be hard to find and am willing to pay a fair price for the right console. My main goals are to make sure that I purchase from a reputable seller and to not get gouged on eBay.


Please PM me with any offers.

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A word of advice, and I know it's easier said than done, but if possible, test and inspect in person and pick it up yourself. Obviously this won't always be possible, but I'm honestly not sure I'd trust an Astrocade to survive shipping.

Also: if it works, leave it alone. Don't try to remove shielding or any of that. I've had multiple perfectly working Astrocades die inexplicably after the removal of RF shielding.

Good luck! :)

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