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Rca ced player spotted any interest


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There's a ced player at my goodwill and 3 Disney cartoon disks if there's any interest I wouldn't mind picking them up this weekend for the asking price + tax + shipping in the USA


Ced player is 7 bucks disks are 2 each + 9.25% sales tax

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I wouldn't mind a CED player (already have some discs)... so long as it's not all busted up (cosmetically especially) and you think it could be packaged and transported safely, I'd like to take a chance on it! Thanks for offering. Only ever saw one at an antique store once and the guy wanted too much money for it.


BTW: nearly 10% sales tax - yikes! No income tax in TN though, correct?

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yes no income tax in TN so yea sales tax sucks but your taxed on what you buy, and not what you could potentially buy + what you buy lol


anyway back to the CED, it look like it had been taken directly out of an entertainment center cosmetically other than oxidation and sunlight , I didnt have time to test so buyer beware ( I of course would at least plug it in and give a summary of what its running like)


also beware this thing is a hoss and will require a large box and its kind of heavy, first thoughts would be UPS and without knowing the weight I can imagine shipping could be 10-30 bucks


I can grab it tomorrow if your still interested, I just didnt want to snag it and end up with another brick sitting around, budget is super SUPER tight right now trying to have a debt free baby, otherwise I would have snagged it right then and there, BUT I have no real intrest in CED other than "gee whiz" factor and I know there are some vintage video format nerds floating around here ... shame to let it go to waste


any interest in the disks, all 3 were just compilations of disney shorts, no full length movies

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