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Lynx HSC 2015 Round 7 Rygar


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The Atari Lynx high score club round 7 of 8 game is Rygar

post-22103-0-41003200-1438467772_thumb.png post-22103-0-59222600-1438467806_thumb.png

Settings - (default)

Deadline is September 1st 2015 12PM EST

Lynx high score club record is
Der Luchs (1,820,230)
Bust it for 1 bonus point


Nyuk +1 point

Side Challenge -

Play another version of Rygar for 1 bonus point
One point per person

jblenkle 120,570 (Arcade MAME) +1 point
darthkur 104,270 (Arcade MAME) +1 point
roadrunner no score (NES) +1 point

Final high scores -

2,191,680 Nyuk +11 points +3 points
1,599,280 jblenkle +10 points
1,569,640 StijnDW +9 points
324,360 darthkur +8 points
156,780 roadrunner +7 points

Current Season Point Standings -

darthkur 68 points
StijnDW 60 points
MrBland 33 points

jeremiahjt 25 points
jblenkle 32 points
doctorclu 16 points

roadrunner 53 points
AtarinDave 15 points
NIKON 12 points

S.BAZ 8 points

Link to manual -


Any corrections please post

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Now that's what I call a lucky run

Don't think I am gonna try to beat it. It will take too many attempts.

My score was made by killing almost every enemy, just was unlucky with the bonus items.

Getting the 75k question mark together with the 2x multiplier is what matters the most.





Hi !!


I'm new here, fan of Rygar scoring attempt. I made a first rank for your challeng. ( 2'191'680 ) I can improve it.


See you !!

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Hehe, You need never die. And pray, pray more and more along you don't gain the crown. So... I play this game since I'm 4 years, ( I'm 28 :D ) I don't know what is the WR in this version. But my rank is brakable. but you must reset each time if you don't have the Crown at first stage. Kill fast all ennemy, and maybe have luck with the interrogation mark.


In this run I claim the crown at the 12 stage. It's the most importante cause the 13 stage is full of rhino. You can reach easily 20k+ repuls bonus. And I don't have realy lucky with the "?" Mark, but I was NEVER die during the run.


I'll made test to know if hit lot of the last boss and spend live like that give more points to kill him quickly and have a big Rank bonus in the 23 stage. I don't know how much point each life give you at the 23 stage, but I think with 8 life you can reach a really big Repuls bonus, and farm lot of point against the final boss ( 1k point each hit I think and 100 point each hit for the Repuls Bonus.)





Never jump on the rhino if you have the Tiger mask, hit them give more points and more repuls bonus.


Against the Cave Bat, you can kill her easily, if you go in the horizontal way without ennemy behind you. When she pop, jump fast and back during the jump to slain the bat. If she pop during you climb the rop, dodge and kill the first bomb, she don't attack you after.


You need be fast an lot of agressiv along the levels, to claim a bigger time bonus.



See you !!

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